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Easyjet flex voucher on board

easyjet flex voucher on board

off your vouchers and take them with you on board your flight to present during the inflight bistro service. But the (minimal) risk is that flight you really want could become fully booked in those intervening 24 hours (and they won't bump other passengers off in favour of Flexi fare holders!). When there is more than one Passenger on a single booking, the Booker can purchase Vouchers on behalf of the other Passengers on that same booking. If the Booker is eligible for refund under these terms and conditions, the Booker should contact easyJet Customer Services via the contact form, or by phone. Easyjet never announced the initial 5 (to passengers, nor effectively to staff but I think it was not long before October 2016. The most relevant bits are.

This rule will not apply to easyJet Plus members, who can continue to bring on bags of 56 x 45 x 25 with no fear of them being popped into the hold at the last minute! Free speedy boarding although this is less important if you have a seat selected. The Booker must purchase new Vouchers for the rebooked flight if they wish to use Vouchers on the rebooked flight. Fast track security at selected airports. The 8 "saving" on flying to SXF would be nobbled by the exta price/time of travelling to/from that airport in my case, anyway. Complaint filed, but anecdotal evidence always helpful. I think I read somewhere, among all the discontent on the BA board about BoB catering, that someone had got a 5 pound voucher when buying a Flexifare on easyJet. I have sometimes done that when arriving back in London and not wanting to continue onwards on that ticket to Oslo or wherever, only to have to wait there for another flight back to AMS! Availability and Use of the Vouchers. I'm pretty sure the four week time window (-1 and 3) is just based on the date of the originally booked flight, and not the specific time on said date of the originally booked flight. I'm trying to book a Flexi Fare on EasyJet, but for the route I want, EDI-BJV every time i try to select a flexi fare it says that none are available for any dates july/august/september. Vouchers are only valid on the selected flight for which they are purchased.

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