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happi house coupon

Town Number: 4255 Year first issued: 1958 Comments Source(s) pfpc SE and 40, PM 25, Horowitz Name: Wyatt Earp Dodge City Western Town Number: 4226 Year first issued: 1958 Comments This set included the. And is that a kayak alongside them? The only difference is the type of a few of the terrain pieces such as trees and rocks. And I would think that there would be a few more pieces in one of t that is all guess work. THE alamo, marx produced three distinct versions of Alamo playsets. Information on this set is all but non-existent in reference books and magazines facebook marketing coupon I have, and little more can be found on the two previous sets, which are clearly related to this one. 5) 1 bag of plastic pieces for Dodge House (No.

Those first Roy Rogers sets had a boardwalk roof sign reading "Roy Rogers Mineral City." Generic sets included signs that read "Trading Post" or "General Store." Later town sets listed in this section used the same hotel side or jail side towns, simply substituting appropriate boardwalk roof signs. Source(s) pfpc SE and 34, Horowitz Name: Ambush at Falling Rock Number: free coffee vouchers 3423 Year first issued: 1975 Photo courtesy of Paul Cuomo. Other Marx sets featuring Alaska included the Arctic Explorer Play Set (1958 International Geophysical Year Arctic Satellite Base (1959 and. The Indians seem to have pitched their teepee near to the cowboys' cattle corral, and the cowboys are now using a covered wagon to attack the Indians. Source(s) pfpc SE and 28, PM 8 Name: Walt Disney's Zorro Play Set Number: 3758 Year first issued: 1965 Comments Known as the "Gold Box" set, this playset was released when the Zorro television shows were re-run in the 1965-66 television season. Year first issued: early 1950s Comments Source(s) pfpc SE Name: Western Ranch Set Number: 3954 Year first issued: early 1950s Comments Source(s) pfpc SE Name: Western Ranch Set Number: 39? If anyone out there has photos of other boxes or can attach numbers or dates to boxes, drop me a note! Source(s) pfpc SE, Horowitz, Marx 1977 Catalog Name: Red River Playset Number: 4104 Year first issued: 1978 (also sold in 1979) Photo of box front courtesy of Lisa Dwyer.

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