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Extreme couponing fake

extreme couponing fake

paper counterfeits by taking him on a second shopping trip. And despite the reality label, much of what happens on Extreme Couponing is not real. Email your own couponing victories and questions. For every store that tightened its coupon policy, there are others that have improved them (read: Not an Actual Competitor? A copycat TV couponing show recently bombed (read: A Kinder, Gentler Extreme Couponing But Whos Watching?

With many millions of fraudulent coupons now off the market, and heightened public awareness about the problem, it seems somewhat less likely that fraudulent coupons will be featured on future Extreme Couponing episodes. The TLC show, Extreme Couponing, is back for another season. To date manufacturers have confirmed that over 230 counterfeit coupons were used on past seasons of Extreme Couponing, Cataldo wrote in May of this year. When the supermarket sent the free toilet paper coupons in for redemption, the manufacturer refused to reimburse the store because all of the coupons were counterfeit.

She wrote in April 2011, citing evidence that one participant was decoding barcodes, or tricking the cash register into accepting coupons for similar but lower-priced items in order to get a bigger discount. The show increasingly has been shifting its focus away from the checkout, anyway. And Retailers Fight Back Against Extreme Couponing Trend, announced m, which went on to explain how retailers were fighting back by adjusting their coupon policies. Overall, its been a mixed bag. The winner of the challenge used 200 free-product coupons for laundry detergent, which looked impressive on camera. But about a month after the All-Stars finale aired, the manufacturer of the detergent released a statement that said all 200 coupons the shopper used were counterfeit. Police seized 40 million worth of fake coupons that they say the women were selling on a now-defunct website, the Savvy Shopper Site (read more: Cops Crack Crooked Coupon Caper ). She went on to report that more known counterfeit coupons were used in the season premiere.

However, Coupon Information Corp., the coupon industrys watchdog group, has urged retailers not to participate in future installments of the show. Walmart, for instance, changed its policy for the better last year, confirming that it would give money back for coupons worth more than the product theyre used. So watch while it lasts.

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