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gamekeysync kortingcode

once or twice more will show the image. I decided to set the image gen to increment this number every time a user hits update. Took a bit of tweaking the UI and it's a bit rushed so feedback and bug reports are certainly welcome! The images themselves are owned and hosted. Who made all this? You can now filter BrS genes and select specific colors when randomizing a pony.

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Also made a minor tweak that will hopefully prevent you guys from having to clear your caches when I update. What's the BrS Breed for? Color hex's are now displayed outside the color picker window to prevent accidently changing colors when trying to copypasta. This is to allow users who don't want to bother with cross breeding to not be shown a ton of sgene combos they're not into. It's used for the "Allow BrS" option in the Advanced Rules for the generator. It filters out Breed Specific Sgenes from the Surprise Me!

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